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Mejoramiento de la Cadena Productiva del Paiche en el Eje Carretero Iquitos-Nauta
29 marzo, 2017
Taller: Avances y alternativas para la elaboración de alimento para el paiche
1 mayo, 2017

Informe Final Aquaculture Survey in Perú and Feasibility Study


The Aquaculture Study Survey in Peru was initiated by the interest of the Minister of Production of Peru to investigate objectively the current situation of the Aquaculture industry in the country in order to evaluate what could be done to increase annual production significantly. The approach of the investigation was to cover as much area in Peru as possible during the two weeks allocated for the study and to observe, learn and evaluate limiting factors from one side and relative advantages on the other.

Ministerio de la Producción – Dirección General de Acuicultura

Abril del 2017

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